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Your band can boldly go where no band has gone before with James L. Hosay's imaginative tone poem SPACE PROBE. Since the 1970s NASA has been launching long-range, solar-powered probes into space. This composition provides excellent opportunities for cross-curriculum teaching with science -- over the past 30 years, the Voyager, Pioneer, and Galileo series probes have sent back incredible photographs. The data sent to Earth by these probes (along with photos and information gathered by the Hubble telescope) has helped astronomers chart the ever-expanding universe all the way back to its origins. A scintillating musical spacescape ushers in a bold thematic statement in the trumpets and alto saxophones; French horns join in thrilling variation. A boundless contrasting espressivo theme soars through to the reprise of the initial ideas. Explore this inspiring work with your band this year.

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