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FAQ – Instrument Rental Purchase

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1. Is a down payment required?

No. Your first payment qualifies as the down payment and is fully applied to the Rental / Purchase Contract.

2. Is there any interest applied to the Rental / Purchase Contract?

No. There is never interest applied to any part of the Rental / Purchase Contract.

3. Are there other fees in addition to the monthly rental amount?

Payments are due monthly as stated in the Rental / Purchase Contract. Accounts not paid on time will incur a minimum finance charge.

4. Is insurance included?

Yes, and includes coverage for accidental damage, loss or theft with no deductible. Deliberate damage or abuse is not covered. Rental account must be current for insurance to apply.

5. What if I have a problem with the instrument?

Please call 208.522.8691 at your earliest convenience and we will confirm insurance coverage, check your account, and make arrangements for repair or replacement. Repair loaner instruments are available!

6. Is your program rent-to-own?

Yes, all of your monthly payments, minus sales tax and insurance premiums, apply to the purchase price of the instrument. After fulfilling the terms of the Rental/Purchase agreement, the instrument belongs to you!

7. Is there a minimum rental period?

We do ask for a four month minimum commitment. The instrument may be returned earlier but you will be charged for four months, less insurance premiums.

8. What if I want to exchange my instrument for a better model?

We encourage you to do so! We will apply 100% of your rental equity towards an upgrade to an intermediate or professional quality instrument. (Terms and conditions apply) You can also get 50% of your rental equity towards an instrument of equal value. Note* “Equity” is not store credit. “Equity” follows the person the instrument was originally rented for and is non-transferable.

9. How do I make payments?

Rental payments are collected through an Auto Pay system and can be deducted monthly from a debit or credit card, or as an ACH draft from a checking account.

10. What is your return policy?

The return policy on purchased items is 14 days from the date of purchase. Rented instruments may be returned at any time. There is a minimum rental period of four months, you may return the instrument before that, but you will be charged for the minimum four month period.

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